How long after an auction is payment due?

We typically give our customers 2 weeks to make a payment before emails/calls are sent out. After 3 weeks it is possible that your item(s) may be sold to the underbidder.

Please note: We only keep the items up to 30 days after the auction free of charge. After that time there will be a charge of $10 per item per day warehousing fee up to 45 days after the auction. After the 45 days, we reserve the right to sell the items in the auction that are not picked up or haven't had arrangements made for shipping. Sorry but, No Exceptions!

Do you provide shipping?

No, we do not provide in house shipping, however, we do work with shippers in our area who can assist you with getting your items to you. Here are our recommended shippers.

How does phone bidding work?

All phone bidders are required to fill out a phone bidder registration form. On the form, you would enter your information as well as the lots you would like to bid on. We typically call you 3-5 lots before yours comes up. At that time we will guide you with the bidding process.

Why is online bidding Buyer's Premium higher?

These online platforms charge extra fees for using their services. While we do what we can to provide our customers with the fairest prices possible, the costs associated with using these platforms cause us to have higher premiums. We do encourage our customers to bid in person, leave an absentee bid, or bid on the phone. This way you get the lowest price possible!

How long is a typical Auction?

A typical auction time can vary depending on the number of lots. Usually, about 70 lots per hour is the speed at which our auction progresses.

I was a successful bidder! What now?

Congratulations on winning your lot(s). An invoice will be emailed to you with various information providing you with payment options and shipping contact information. You are also free to pick up items in person as well. If you have a Resale number send it to us or if picking up in person feel free to fill out and bring this form with you.

Do you have any further Questions?

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